Sheathing Products

Structural - Bildrite and BraceRite sheathing products are recognized by all national model building codes for side wall racking strength and are designed for use without supplemental corner bracing.

Regular - Graylite sheathing products give you a low cost alternative to be used where corner bracing is not required.

Roof Products

High Density Grade 2 - RoofRite is a durable, high density moisture resistant roofboard that is manufactured to be used in applications where high strength and rigidity are needed. Roof Rite makes any job faster by allowing quicker, easier and even lay down because of our uniform, accurate dimensions.

Regular Density Grade 1
- Roof Board- International Bildrite manufactures regular density roofboard that may be used as a general purpose insulation recovery board for ballasted systems.

Sound Deadening Board

SoundRite is suitable for interior applications and is ideal for cutting sound transmission between interior rooms, between floors or for isolation from outdoor sound.

Specialty Products
- International Bildrite has the capability to produce custom order fiberboard products. Contact customer service for information and assistance with all your fiberboard needs.

General Warranty for ALL products:
Any deviation from our current installation instructions voids all warranties, both express and implied, including IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. In addition, International Bildrite, Inc. will not be liable for any lost profits or other consequential, exemplary, incidental, indirect or special damages sustained on any loss caused by application of woodfiber roof insulation in deviation or departure in any way from our current written application instruction.