Are you more likely to buy your building materials and supplies from a fledgling company you've never heard of, or from a company that brings a name, reputation and experience to the table?

Most of us would say that known quality, a good reputation, and the benefit of experience in the business influences our decision-making process.

Meet International Bildrite, Inc. (IBI) . . . a privately owned corporation that manufactures a product that has been around for 80 years. IBI, headquartered in International Falls, Minnesota, manufactures fiberboard sheathing for exterior wall application, high density roof board, and sound deadening board for interior use. They also have the capability to produce custom order fiberboard products.

Experience abounds at IBI. Company founders Frank and Enza Orsi have been manufacturing fiberboard since 1978. They purchased IBI in 1986. Peter Larson, Production Supervisor for IBI has 30 years of fiberboard manufacturing experience, and he's not alone. Many of IBI's production people have 20 to 30 years experience in the business.

In addition to the name, the reputation and the experience of IBI and its employees, the company is one of its local community's major employers. They also provide work to many loggers and truckers in the area.

In IBI's manufacturing process our primary raw material, aspen, is refined into a wood pulp which is later combined with asphalt, wax and other raw materials. This wood stock is run through a unique forming machine process, dried in a kiln and is trimmed to various sizes. Our fiberboard is sold in truckload quantities and is marketed to building material distributors to builders and roof contractors.